JITR 50 ml.

JITR 50 ml.

‘Jitr’ is Thai word for ‘exquisite’ and Silpin’s interpretation of exquisiteness is incarnated in ‘Jitr’,an edible perfume with dazzling aromas of rose and lychee. The hypnotizing fragrance of rose and the desirable aroma of lychee are seamlessly combined to convey the sweet and alluring scent that evokes the meaning of beauty. Enthralling and luscious, ‘Jitr’ adds a touch of refined exquisiteness to your food and beverage as well as leaves a beautiful impression on your heart.

How to use :
is suitable for beverages and bakery items, particularly those with floral scent because of the sweet aroma of rose and refreshing scent of lychee.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Wild Pinky Rose
Attack :
Rosy & Lychee

No. of Sprays
≈ 1,850 times

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