KHAMRAM 50 ml.

KHAMRAM 50 ml.

‘Khamram’ refers to ‘roaring’ and Silpin creates ‘Khamram’ to symbolize the energizing spirit used to produce a roar. ‘Khamram’ is an edible perfume that is characterized by the fusion of sweet and refreshing scents of mixed tropical fruits, similar to the energy drinks that Thai people are familiar with for a long time. Fruity and sparkling, ‘Khamram’ gives your food and beverage a roaring kick and a burst of uplifting energy with its uniquely revitalizing scent.

How to use :
presents the sweet aroma of tropical fruits that gives desserts and beverages the sweet and refreshing essence.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Tropical Fruit
Attack :
Mixed Berry

No. of Sprays
≈ 1,850 times

Price : 


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