Lanna Longan 500 ml.

Lanna Longan 500 ml.

Sweet and juicy with a hint of floral note, ‘Longan’ is an iconic fruit of Northern Thailand or ‘Lanna’, the land of colourful culture and rich history. Lanna women are known for their gentleness and graceful elegance, and ‘Lanna Longan’ manifests the same character, as the white and translucent flesh has a gentle, sweet flavour and a subtle, elegant fragrance. Elevate your beverages to the next level with Silpin’s ‘Lanna Longan’ syrup, and feel the Lanna’s delicate and refined essence in every sip.

How to use :
is great in any beverage with milk, such as milk tea and milk coffee because the distinctive aroma of dried sweet fruit adds a perfect complement to the drink.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Floral & Sweet Longan
Attack :
Brown & Sweet Longan
Length in Mouth :

Caramel Brown

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