MALAI 50 ml.

MALAI 50 ml.

‘Malai’ is an edible perfume that is inspired by ‘Malai’ or ‘flower garland’, which is an icon of Thainess as well as a symbol of respect in the Thai culture. A wonderful blend of jasmine and other flowers creates a unique scent that allows this edible perfume to live up to its name and transport your senses to Thailand. Elegant and delicate, ‘Malai’ provides a sophisticated finishing touch of Thainess to any creation from savoury dishes to desserts and beverages.

How to use :
is the best representation of Thainess and is suitable for spraying on water or Thai desserts to give a distinctivly Thai aroma.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Jasmine &
Pink Floral Flowers
Attack :
Sweet Jasmine

No. of Sprays
≈ 1,850 times

Price : 


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