PANNANA 50 ml.

PANNANA 50 ml.

‘Pannana’ literally means ‘to describe’ and oftentimes the scent of countless desserts is described as ‘vanilla’ or ‘coconut’. Vanilla is considered one of the essentials in many Western desserts, whereas coconut is the heart of several Thai desserts, and Silpin combines the best of both worlds in ‘Pannana’, a warm and exotic edible perfume. Rich and creamy, ‘Pannana’ enchants any food or beverage with the indescribable timeless scent of vanilla and coconut combined in just a spritz.

How to use :
is a combination of coconut and vanilla that is similar to Thai scented candle, and is suitable for spraying on cakes, bakery, as well as a vareity of milk-based beverages.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Jasmine &
Creamy & Vanilla
Attack :
Sweet Coconut

No. of Sprays
≈ 1,850 times

Price : 


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