Royal Kaffir Lime Leaf 500 ml.

Royal Kaffir Lime Leaf 500 ml.

Commonly used in Thailand, kaffir lime leaf is a kind of herb whose leaves exude a citrusy perfume, representing a refreshing, stimulating and energizing scent. Kaffir lime leaves are highly prized in Thai cuisine and used in all kinds of dishes from delicacies to desserts and snacks, adding a unique tang that is virtually impossible to substitute. Delight your senses to the true tastes of Thai with this Royal Kaffir Lime Leaf syrup.

How to use :
is good when mixing with black tea, fruit tea, or any beverage like soda, as it adds a refreshing kick to the beverage. It also provides nice aroma to milk tea.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Green Citrus Leaf
Attack :
Bittersweet, Leafy & Citrus
Length in Mouth :
Fresh & Green

Citrus Green

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