SANAE 50 ml.

SANAE 50 ml.

‘Sanae’ or ‘charm’ is an edible perfume that features a charming blend of tamarind and honey scents. While both scents are great on their own, with tamarind being sweet and tangy and honey is warm and inviting, they are brilliant when paired together as they are melodiously synchronized to create an attractive combination. Rich and artfully complex, ‘Sanae’ adds the irresistible charm to any food or beverage and elevates the sensory experience to the next level.

How to use :
showcaeses the complex blend of tamarind and honey, that provides a great complement to refreshing befverages like lemon tea or desserts with fresh and dried fruits.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Riped Tamarind &
Sweet Honey
Attack :
Riped Sweet Tamarind

No. of Sprays
≈ 1,850 times

Price : 


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