SARAAN 10 ml.

SARAAN 10 ml.

‘Saraan’ means ‘delight’ and Silpin’s ‘Sarran’ edible perfume will delight your senses with the tropical medley of pomelo and triple citrus scents. The sweet and juicy scent of pomelo complements marvelously with the fruity and zesty scent of citruses. Refreshing and energizing, ‘Saraan’ echoes the happy spirit of an exotic summer holiday and adds the citrusy sparkle to your food, coffee, or cocktail creations.

How to use :
collects the fragrances of a variety of oranges and gives the aroma of pomelo that is suitable for cold and refreshing beverages and food like salad dishes.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Fresh Citrus Peel
Attack :
Peely Pomelo & Juicy Orange

No. of sprays
≈ 240 times

Price : 


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