Thai Jasmine Rice 500 ml.

Thai Jasmine Rice 500 ml.

Rice is the root of Thai life and the soul of Thai meal. ‘Khao Hom Mali’, internationally known as ‘Jasmine Rice’, is the most esteemed Thai rice and is highly-prized for its sweet and delicate floral aroma. Once the fragrant long-grain Khao Hom Mali is steamed, the pleasant scent evokes the feelings of comfort and warmth of having a meal in a Thai home. Close your eyes and let the distinct fragrance of Khao Hom Mali take you to the core of Thai culture.

How to use :
is great with hot or cold tea without milk, but if mixing with milk-based beverage, it is recommended to choose beverages that do not taste too strong because it will overpower the syrup.

Tasting Note
Nose :
White Grain & Jasmine
Attack :
Jasmine Rice
Length in Mouth :
Jasmine Rice


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