Thai Lemongrass 500 ml.

Thai Lemongrass 500 ml.

Lemongrass is an all-time cherished and widely known herb among Thais that boasts a uniquely fresh and calming fragrance. Thanks to its natural aromatic qualities, lemongrass is commonly used for refreshing “welcome drinks” as well as a spa ingredient. Extracted from only the best harvest for a unique scent like no other, this pure amber syrup will treat you to the true taste of Thai.

How to use :
works well with clear green tea and any beverage with pineapple juice. It is recommended to pair Thai Lemongrass syrup with Thai Brown Sugar syrup for a well-rounded flavour.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Fresh Lemongrass
Attack :
Fresh Lemongrass & Slighty Floral
Length in Mouth :
Fresh & Herbal


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