Wondrous Anchan 500 ml.

Wondrous Anchan 500 ml.

Known in Thai as ‘Anchan’, butterfly pea flower is used in Thai kitchens as natural food colouring to create eye-pleasing food and beverages for centuries. Not only does the flower provide striking deep blue with violet colour, Anchan is also known for its many medicinal and health benefits. Be inspired by the enticing wonders of Anchan and let ‘Wondrous Anchan’ syrup work its magic on your beverages.

How to use :
is great for colouring any beverage, but is not suitable for using on its own and should be used with other syrups. The good thing is the syrup has no unpleasant smell like fresh butterfly pea flower.

Tasting Note
Nose :
Wild Sweet Flower
Attack :
Sweet & Sugary
Length in Mouth :

Indigo Blue

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