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A classic Thai dessert that is sweet and fragrant, ‘Lod Chong Nam Kathi’ is green-coloured rice flour droplets infused with pandan scent and served in sweet and aromatic mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar. Silpin’s ‘Lod Chong Nam Kathi’ syrup imparts a sweet and harmonious blend of soothing pandan, creamy coconut milk, and smoky palm sugar fragrances, that will bring a classically delightful flavour and dimension to any beverages.

Lod Chong, literally translates to ‘through a hole’, has got its name from the cooking method, in which the rice flour is push through small holes to produce noodle-like droplets, while ‘Nam Kathi’ is ‘coconut milk’. Thai people in the ancient time served Lod Chong Nam Kathi in wedding ceremonies, as it offers meaningful symbolism to the newlyweds because the way that the noodles pass through the holes symbolises longevity of true love that survive all obstacles in life.

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