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An epitome of finesse and glamour, Emperor Lychee is sumptuously sweet with luscious flesh and hypnotically alluring fragrance. The Emperor Lychee is the largest and most special kind of lychee fruits that is prized for its big size, extremely juicy flesh, and delicate rosy perfume. Enchant your palate and enthrall your senses with the exotically addictive essence of Emperor Lychee with Silpin’s ‘Luscious Emperor Lychee’ syrup.

Lychee, particularly Emperor lychee, is loved by Thai people for its mesmerizing fragrance and luscious flesh for centuries. The first written record about lychee in Thailand dates back to 1854 during the reign of King Rama IV, but it is believed that lychee was first introduced to Siam by the Chinese merchants during the Rattanakosin era. Lychee is best enjoyed fresh and chilled, but it is also wonderful when made into various kinds of beverages and desserts.

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