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Delicious and indulgent, Brown Sugar is a common ingredient in cooking and baking that provides deep molasses flavour with distinctive burnt sugar note to many savoury and sweet recipes. The versatility of Brown Sugar also lends itself wonderfully to a variety of beverage creations. Let this ‘Thai Brown Sugar’ syrup add unique character and richness to your drinks and captivate your senses with irresistibly lingering flavour.

Historical record suggests that Siam has been producing brown sugar since the Sukhothai period and that brown sugar was exported to Japan during the Ayutthaya period. Nowadays, brown sugar is used in various food and dessert menus, including Chao Kuai (grass jelly) and Kluai Chueam (banana in heavy syrup), as well as herbal drinks like Nam Matum (bael juice) and the well-loved bubble tea, in which the craze has been sweeping Thailand and the world for several years.

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