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‘Malai’ or flower garland is the exquisite work of Thai art that is often used in auspicious occasions, offered to Buddha images, or given to elders or guests as a symbol of respect. Fragrant flowers like jasmine, crown flower, champaka, and roses are artfully strung together to form an elaborate garland. ‘Thai Malai’ syrup embodies the inimitable fragrance of Malai and delivers a sophisticated yet delicate Thai touch to your beverages.

Malai is the traditional Thai art form, in which the art of flower arranging dated back to the Sukhkothai era but the making of Malai became a common practice during the reign of King Rama V. Over the years, the designs of Malai have evolved and become more elaborate. Today, Malai is still a part of everyday life of the Thai people, in which it is worn by the brides and grooms at wedding ceremonies, offered to Buddha images and monks, and presented to guests or visitors.

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