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Known in Thai as ‘Anchan’, butterfly pea flower is used in Thai kitchens as natural food colouring to create eye-pleasing food and beverages for centuries. Not only does the flower provide striking deep blue with violet colour, Anchan is also known for its many medicinal and health benefits. Be inspired by the enticing wonders of Anchan and let ‘Wondrous Anchan’ syrup work its magic on your beverages.

Anchan or Butterfly Pea Flower is often referred to as the ‘magic flower’, as its dark blue colour magically transforms into pinkish purple when lime is added into. Rich in natural antioxidants, Anchan has the property of improving eyesight as well as nourishing hair, and Thai people have long been using Anchan in food and beauty products. Apart from giving beautiful colour to a variety of items like tea, sticky rice, and Khanom Chan (Thai layered dessert), Anchan can also be eaten fresh with chilli dip or deep-fried.

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